Celebrated National Day Underwater

The beautiful Maldives consists 90% of water, the lovely blue ocean. People who have dived to the Maldivian underwater are raving about its beauty and loveliness. Many Maldivians are swimmers and some are divers as well. In 2012, The Official Ceremony to celebrate the Day was held in HA. Utheemu. Down under the Maldives sea, a group of young men celebrated the day in joy … Continue reading Celebrated National Day Underwater

Vaadhoo Islamic University

A President’s speech should and could be analyzed for the betterment of the people. Words of the Presidents are often open doors or windows to the development of a Nation. People who think deeply, people who love the country, people who wants better days for their children and future generations should always think beyond the box. During President Nasheed’s Presidency at awarding ceremony of the … Continue reading Vaadhoo Islamic University