Celebrated National Day Underwater

The beautiful Maldives consists 90% of water, the lovely blue ocean. People who have dived to the Maldivian underwater are raving about its beauty and loveliness. Many Maldivians are swimmers and some are divers as well.

In 2012, The Official Ceremony to celebrate the Day was held in HA. Utheemu. Down under the Maldives sea, a group of young men celebrated the day in joy and happiness, carrying the flag of red, green and white, in the lovely blue of the Maldivian underwater. The adventurous group seem’s to be expressing and showing the world that they love their country so much. Land, as well as the underwater. Hooray, for the creative, energetic and enthusiastic group who celebrated the National Day in such a beautiful way.

According to Maldives Insider website, the dive was planned and organized with the help and support of Muscle Load, Squid Media and Maldives Promotion House and also the members of Atoll Scuba. 20 divers participated in the dive which was at Maagiri Thila in North Male’ Atoll on the morning of 24th January 2012.

Maldives National Day (also known as Qaumee (National) Dhuvas (Day) in Dhivehi), is an important day, as it is observed to celebrate the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam over the Portuguese occupation in the year 1573. According to the Islamic Calendar, the National Day of Maldives falls on the 1st of Rabee ul Awwal, the third month of Hijri (Islamic) Calendar.

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