Vaadhoo Islamic University

A President’s speech should and could be analyzed for the betterment of the people. Words of the Presidents are often open doors or windows to the development of a Nation.

People who think deeply, people who love the country, people who wants better days for their children and future generations should always think beyond the box.

During President Nasheed’s Presidency at awarding ceremony of the 26th National Quran Recitation Competition, he conveyed a very interesting message the people of Maldives should consider achieving. With his innumerable historical knowledge, President Nasheed gave a brief detail about the Maldivian Islamic Scholar who introduced the Thaana Text to the Nation and changed the vision and thinking of the Nation towards Islam.

Sheikh Mohamed Jamaaludheen or Vaadhoo Dhanna Kaleygefaanu, after a brief stint in the Arabian Peninsula, returned during the time of Bodu Thakurufaanu and started teaching Islam in the Island of Vaadhoo. His Makthab, His Madharusaa or His Islamic School is one moment in the history of Maldives, the people has to remember. His teachings of Islam and Quran spread not only in the country but reached towards Persia, Arabia and Hindhu Kara.

As President Nasheed has referred Vaadhoo Dhanna Kaleygefaanu’s Islamic Madharusaa as Vaadhoo Dhanna Kaleygefaanu’s University, we should work hard on making his words a reality. It is the people of Maldives who have to develop our country, it is the people of Maldives who should revive moments from our history and forward it to future generations.

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