Like Blossomed Flowers…

Like blossomed flowers with pleasing fragrances, the memory of her, though brief our first meet, lingers all around me.

It is the human mind that is beautiful. It is the feel of interaction which emote compassion. It is the picture in the mind and the reaction of the molecules inside that expresses truth. When humans are interested on each other, the beauty of life sparkles. Opposites do attract, but when lovely thoughts provoked. Life is colorless without emotions and compassion. The warmth of friendship is a need for human survival.

As strangers we met in the cool rainy afternoon, with breezing winds of happiness. As I traveled further and further away from her that day, her memory revived again and again in my mind. And as night falls, the urge to try and meet her again evokes in me.

She is a symbol of truth. She is a character with a kind attitude. She has no pride for being whoever she is. She does not care what others think. She has an open heart yet sadness she suppresses. I noticed a slight change of voice, when answering my question about her dreams. Some factors are barriers for hindering her reaching her dream. She has higher aspirations and colorful dreams. And she really deserves it. She is so courage’s and so strong, working to help her family. I wish one day all her dreams would be fulfilled.

She is like a gem in the gem mining country, where precious pearls and diamonds, after polishing and refining are sold for unbelievable amounts of prices. She is shining and glittering. Waiting to be polished and let her flaunt her talents to conquer the world. She has a magnetic appeal that one would never get tired looking at her. I would like to listen to her for hours and hours, in a beautiful surrounding undisturbed, sitting close by her.

Like her country which has so much to discover, she has a certain aura I felt the to discover more and more. I felt so good when she started her conversation that day and attentively listens to me with so interestingly.

I am in her beautiful country. She has visited my country. I have so much interest in her country and its lovely people. She has so much of interest in my country. Her countries beauty reflects in her. She is so young, untouched and fresh. I am mature comparing to her youthfulness. But I will keep her as a treasure if she ever becomes my friend. She will be a joy to get along. So open-hearted, so full of life. Oh how wonderful it would be to sit right next to her in a lovely garden on a moonlit night, listening to the soft voice of hers. When she is expressing her dreams and desires, I would be swimming in her mesmerizing eyes.

Today is a rainy day. And rain makes me remind her more. That rainy day I met her will never be forgotten. Oh what a pleasant feeling it would be to be with her in a rainy day, together using the same umbrella.

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