Chatting with Her Keeps the Doctor Away

Some doctors are telling to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. And I have found a new way of keeping the doctor away for myself. It is chatting with her to keep the doctor away. For some it maybe a funny thing, but who cares. So I would love to recommend to recommend everyone to go on chatting her to keep the doctor away.

Every time we chat on Facebook, it gives me so much pleasure, not because she is in love with me or I am in love with her in a romantic perspective. I never understood why she treats me like this. She has so much of energy and so much of purity that chatting from so far away, but still feels the mesmerizing aura of her protective self. She is so disciplined that no one could even dare a glance from a wrong angle.

Merely thinking of having a true friend like her is a pleasure unmatched. She is like the queen who comes to a nation with a lovely smile to win the hearts of the people. Not with swords and arrows but a magnetic healing touch.

People say smile and the world will smile back and smiling is contagious. And her smile is a smile for a mile. Her smile is a smile a pen alone cannot describe. She is the kind of character that writers keep on writing books of human compassion and values.

She is like the princess whom the children would love to be around and listen to her stories for their inspiration, in awe and in affection. Her place is the gardens with full of flowers because, she is like a flower herself. As a flower gives happiness to everyone, she gives care and love to everyone who treats her good.

So friends, try to find “her” every day to keep the doctor away.

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